Coach Orgeron Sets Out Decoys To Lure In 5-Star Recruits

New Orleans, LA – After rumors of New Orleans coaches imposing a boycott on LSU, Coach Orgeron bypassed his traditional recruiting networks and took things into his own hands. The South Lafourche native attempted to lure the Crescent City’s most talented players to Death Valley with an unorthodox method. The Push Pole caught up to Coach Orgeron and asked him about his tackling dummies or “decoys” as he calls them.

coach o with decoys3

I’m a marsh rat. I do things a little different. Check out this fantastic spread here. No great football player could walk past these decoys without hitting the snot out of them. I got a perfect line of sight from over there in that blind (points at van). I’m gonna get first dibs on any big hitter who passes through here.  I expect by the end of the day, I’ll have bagged my limit.

3 thoughts on “Coach Orgeron Sets Out Decoys To Lure In 5-Star Recruits

  1. Man, I tought he wuz gonna use dem quackin decoys but de Coach out foxed me! True dat! Coach Orgergon, you is defiantly da’ man! I been takin spellin lessens!


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