Jerry Larpenter Uses Sheriff’s Office To Create Online Safe Space For Himself


If you see this man, please do not make fun of him. 


Houma, LA – Terrebonne Parish Sheriff deputies, who once took an oath to uphold the constitution, raided a man’s home because they believed he was tied to a website questioning Jerry Larpenter’s public contracts.

Over the last few weeks, Terrebonne Parish residents were totally shocked to learn that a good ol’ boy network of policemen, politicians, and businessmen had been using public funds to consolidate power and get rich in the process.

expose dat chart
photo courtesy of exposedat

“I’m completely amazed this kind of thing could happen in South Louisiana,” said a woman who wished to remain anonymous in fear Jerry Larpenter would send his safe space warriors to kick in her door and confiscate her computer.

Some residents claim that Larpenter abusing his public powers to protect his private interests was the behavior of a guilty man. The Push Pole tried to interview Jerry for comment, but he sped away in a white Ford Bronco.

An unofficial spokesperson for the parish urged internet commenters from rushing to judgement.  If there is any wrongdoing, we trust that the judicial system will work it out. Perhaps Judge Randall Bethancourt (the judge who signed the warrant in the first place) would be available to preside over any case regarding Larpenter.

As of Friday at noon, Exposedat was still online, making the internet a terrifying place for Sheriff Jerry. We are concerned about his fragile feelings, and we urge him to stay off the internet for the next few days.

Larpenter told WWL, “If you’re gonna lie about me and make it under a fictitious name, I’m gonna come after you!” This was probably the worst thing anyone could tell the internet, proving that anyone terrified of social criticism is pretty much inviting jokes. Below are some comments written by Terrebonne and Lafourche residents.

jerrys hypocrital bs

7 thoughts on “Jerry Larpenter Uses Sheriff’s Office To Create Online Safe Space For Himself

  1. But I lied, I want to make a comment! I want to make a comment so bad! But I’m scared! I’m scared like a kitten, cowering in a corner, trying to hide from a vicious, drooling, rabid wolf! I know I’m not a kitten, I am a man! But I am just a common man, with no power to command other people to do anything! Grrr! Hear me roar?


  2. Jerry is ok in my book!! Only thing he did wrong is get insurance with alford!! They have been getting it with for years!! If alford is the lowest bidder i see nothing wrong with it!! Just remember what vernon made us look like!! If jerry has other buisnesses , as long as they dont work for the parish i see no problem!!


    • Jerry is a crook an as long as he getting wat he wants he’s happy but when it don’t go his way he will try to charge u with a charge to make u look like a lier I never voted him in an never will ever


  3. Having rough dealing with tpso before I find it easy to believe all the things people say about jerry are true he’s a corrupt lying piece of trash his officers lie constantly an if I had had my go pro camera I’d get officers convicted of perjury


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