5 New Cajun Reality Shows Airing This Fall

The chief export of Louisiana (besides oil and NFL talent) is reality TV shows. America can’t get enough of that spicy Cajun flavor, and they need it zapped straight into their brains through the airwaves. With demand at an all time high, five new Cajun-themed reality shows will be airing later this year. Below is a list of these exciting new programs.

master gators finl

Master Gators: TLC Sundays  9/8 C

It’s one sticky situation after another on Louisiana’s wildest alligator breeding farm. Get an up close look as brothers Elroy and Etienne Duplantis employ unorthodox methods to breed the biggest, strongest gators west of Bayou Lafourche. Tune in on Sundays to see men doing things you won’t be able forget. Unfortunately, this program will not be renewed for a second season because of an accident that occurred on set, so be sure to milk this brief series for everything it’s worth.


boat swap final cmt

Boat Swap: CMT Wednesdays 8/7 C

Each week, two Cajun men are randomly selected and forced into swapping the love of their lives for the weekend. Watch as bay boats, bass boats, mud boats, and even kayaks get passed around like a box of Mr. Ronnies in a breakroom. You’re not going to want to miss the first episode when a kayak fisherman manages to drive a bass boat 200 feet up onto a mudflat, and a bass fisherman capsizes a kayak while sneezing.


here comes honey poo doo final 1

Here Comes Honey Poo Doo: TLC Thursdays 8/7 C

Louisiana’s distinguished world of duck beauty pageants is turned upside down after an oddball baby pouldeau enters the local competitions. Recoil in horror as the pouldeau’s mother vicariously lives out her dreams through her adorable, hilarious offspring.  You won’t be able to change the channel as Honey Poo Doo and her family continuously and unashamedly eat garbage, scream, and fart all over the place in one of the most disturbing programs you’ll ever witness.


piling princesses final 1

Piling Princesses: A&E Sundays 9/8 C

Women and houses aren’t always raised right down the bayou. That doesn’t make them inferior; it just makes them different. Tune in to A&E this fall to see some of the most foul-mouthed, resourceful Cajun beauties attempt to navigate the struggles of motherhood and the perils of coastal erosion. Tempers will often reach a rolling boil before the crabs will, and nets and relationships will be torn and mended on a weekly basis. Bayou living is just one long extended seafood boil amongst the pilings, proof that that life’s most important moments take place under your home, not in it.


The Main Event Final Table

World Series Of Pedro: ESPN 4 Saturday July 30th 6/5 C

Southeast Louisiana has been longing for this forever, and now it’s finally here. Men and women have been boasting about their Pedro chops for decades without any way to test their skills against rival, far-away bayous. Now, we can settle it once and for all. Each bayou region will submit one team to represent them in this single-elimination, winner-take-all tournament, with the grand prize being a wireless remote that will control every draw bridge in the tri-parish area.

wsop bracket

Each region will be represented by one team from their general area. No talkin across the board. No passing cards to your partner. Force bid is 6. Follow suit not cut throat.


3 thoughts on “5 New Cajun Reality Shows Airing This Fall

  1. I was terribly excited about the upcoming new Cajun reality TV shows until I noticed my girlfriend’s picture among those of the “Piling Princesses.” This could be an absolute disaster. If my girlfriend mentions my name on Piling Princesses, my wife is going to kill me. I mean, she will literally first-degree-murder me! Oh wait, this could be the seed of just another Cajun reality TV show that could be a real hit! I wonder where I can find a TV executive to talk to about this.


  2. Piling Princesses, great another reality show not only to make men from the bayou look stupid, but now to make the women look stupid.


  3. I sure hope that ESPN allows a “cutthroat” division in the World Series of Pedro. The boys from da bayou may talk smack in all those tournaments down there but the real skill comes in when you forced to stategerize!!

    Liked by 1 person

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