Katt Williams Goes 0-23 With 16 Turnovers In Biddy Basketball Game

katt williams biddy basketball

Thibodaux, LA – Katt Williams shot 0-23 with zero points in a crushing loss to the Seafood Outlet Bulldogs Wednesday night. The struggling comedian once known for his excellent stage presence also committed 16 turnovers in the lopsided defeat.

“Let’s not forget that basketball is a team sport,” said the exhausted middle aged man. “We all played pretty poorly tonight. It wasn’t just me. There’s plenty blame to go around. Jayden missed me for open layups multiple times, and Kyler just closes his eyes and panics when you throw him the ball. We all saw it; the boy just melted down out there. Embarrassing. We all need to look in the mirror after this one. And don’t even get me started on the refs. They swallowed their whistles while those little maniacs mauled me.”

Things have not been going as planned for the 43 year old comedian after he forged his birth certificate to enroll in Biddy Basketball. After being named Thibodaux Feed And Seed’s starting point guard two weeks ago, Williams then wagered his entire fortune on his team winning the Championship. Local bookies stand to make hundreds should Katt fail to propel his team to victory this April.

After learning of Mr. Williams’ real age, league officials have decided to not step in and disqualify him, stating that he obviously has no competitive advantage. Their only request was that he stop cursing at the children. Multiple kids have already complained to their parents. Kendrick Celestine, the eleven-year-old who held Katt scoreless, was quoted as saying, “He wouldn’t stop throwing elbows, and he smelled like sweat and beer.”



One thought on “Katt Williams Goes 0-23 With 16 Turnovers In Biddy Basketball Game

  1. Does Katt Williams have a college degree? Because if he doesn’t, or even if he does, I’d bet he could get a “walk-on” scholarship with the LSU basketball team! Sign that man today!


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