Future Corridor Of I-49 Sign Fails Polygraph Test

polygraph of i 49 final

In news that surprised no one, a future corridor of I-49 sign located on Highway 90 recently failed a polygraph examination. For years, these signs have been promising that stretches of Highway 90 would one day be converted into endless miles of smooth interstate, connecting the West Bank of New Orleans through Lafayette and all the way into Arkansas. Estimated at almost 400 miles, this mythical project has literally become the longest running joke in Louisiana history.

The Push Pole recently asked the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development to release an updated estimate of when sections of this proposed corridor would be finished. The document below is what they sent us.

i 49 plan

Samuel Delacroix, the polygrapher who administered the exam, stated:

The sign frequently exhibited extreme deception, and I could find no truth in it. I would not expect Highway 90 to be a future corridor for anything except wreckage, despair, and possibly the Gulf Of Mexico. Lord have mercy upon the souls who must traverse this crumbling visage of American infrastructure.

future corridor i 49 2

Fun Fact: One out of every three road signs in Louisiana is lying to you


3 thoughts on “Future Corridor Of I-49 Sign Fails Polygraph Test

  1. The problem is Obama is spending all the money on pet Medicaid projects and streets and roads and bridges aren’t a prioity for him. He and Pelosi are running this country into the ground. Y’all will see. I said it here first. In the comments of the push pole. China will own our azz. Thanks to Chicago politics. Or NO THANKS!


  2. If HWY 90 was good enough for me and my ancestors, it’s good enough for you. Forever will be lost the opportunity to travel through Centerville and be able to quote from Frank Zappa “Centerville, a nice place to raise your kids up at” with an appropriately ominous tone of voice.


  3. This is a perfect example of why waterboarding should be legal. We can easily stop the signs from lying with a little torture! It is only a matter of time before the signs start telling us to go the wrong way! I say, “Nip this in the bud!”


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