Houma Residents React To Brown Water

We caught up with some local residents and asked them to weigh in on the recent water crisis affecting Terrebonne Parish. Here’s what they had to say:

oilfield worker

“I see why the oilfield is hurting. The stuff is coming out the tap now. Who needs me?”


“Is the water brown because the brain-eating amoebas got diarrhea? And if so, did they get it from drinking the water?”

fear factor sorbert

“My life is just one long episode of Fear Factor!


“That man has faith in his people, process, and product….He is an inspiration to us all…but let’s get a medic on standby just in case.”


“I love the new water. It’s so natural. It’s way more organic than the old water, probably cage-free too!”

mexican sugar cane

“‘Come to America,’ they said. ‘The water is great,’ they said!”


“What’s the point of peeing in the ice machine now? My life is meaningless.”

random dude2

“I always knew Houma was backwards, but I never thought I’d live to see the day we had colored water fountains again.”

man drinking coke

“I know it’s safe to drink, but I’d much prefer this carbonated liquefied sugar that can dissolve battery corrosion instead.”

rando girl

“The muddy water hasn’t gotten to me yet, and to be honest, I’m feeling left out. I hope it gets here soon. I could really use an excuse to make this about me.”

m folse

“My water is so brown that I’m having it investigated for funding terrorism!”

The TruthWhen installing new lines, water flows around the distribution system at velocities and directions it normally didn’t in the past. This causes lots of sediment (which has already been disinfected) to break free and get into circulation. Now, that gunk is coming to a faucet near you, and there isn’t much you can do about it. It has to make its way out of the system somehow, and hopefully it will be out soon. 

The good news is that Terrebonne Parish has got some new water lines, and judging by the amount of gunk in the old ones, we really needed them. You can read more about what’s going on here.

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