Dularge Bridge Operational For Those Traveling Over 63 MPH Officials Say

dularge bridge jump

Houma, LA – A mechanical failure in the span locking system has left the Dularge Bridge out of commission, sort of. ย This is hardly news to anyone living in Terrebonne Parish. Residents widely just assume both the Dularge and Houma Navigational Canal Bridges are not working at any given time.

In fact, the Houma Navigational Canal Bridge was out of work so long last year that it qualified for food stamp benefits. In related news, the Dularge Bridge is looking forward to a nice relaxing 2016 where it can finally catch up on Judge Judy reruns while eating Zebra Cakes and collecting a disability check.

However, stubborn commuters who refuse to use the gridlocked twin spans or death-trap of a tunnel are finding out they can use the Dularge Bridge as long as they’re in fourth gear. Resident Silvia Billiot remarked, “Sure it’s not safe, but neither is the tunnel. What else are we gonna do?”

Parish engineers did the math and have concluded that anyone going over 63 MPH should be able to make it to the other side.

Note: Many of these engineers are the same ones who designed the bridge, so please keep that in mind.


6 thoughts on “Dularge Bridge Operational For Those Traveling Over 63 MPH Officials Say

  1. Only those who know and have traveled-waited-on this bridge can appreciate this picture…it is one of the stupidest waste of money. I would usually just go through the tunnel. Never seemed necessary to spend my whole day just looking at a car in front of me and another 20+ behind me..

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  2. Shouldn’t those engineers have cautioned about going too fast over that bridge? The black car looks like it was going much faster than 63 MPH when it took flight. It’s going to come down hard!


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