Santa Refuses To Visit Lafourche Parish Until Cane Truck Season Completely Over

santa cane truck

Santa, frustrated with getting stuck behind endless caravans of sugarcane trucks, declared that he will not visit Lafourche Parish until grinding season is officially over.

Mr. Clause has vowed to halt all pre-Christmas appearances in Lafourche Parish until the trucks are gone. This includes family parties, store appearances, and photo ops.

Mr. Clause explained to The Push Pole:

I know sugar is important to the economy down there, but my sleigh just got a fresh paint job. Every year a loose stalk flies off a truck and chips my ride. Not cool. Plus, it’s not like this thing has a windshield. Me, Rudolph, and the boys are constantly getting smacked in the face with debris while we crawl along Highway 308 at a snail’s pace behind weaving truckers. You people down there are the real saints for putting up with this madness.

One thought on “Santa Refuses To Visit Lafourche Parish Until Cane Truck Season Completely Over

  1. Never in my entire life, not even for a fraction of a single second, did I ever even suspect that Santa Clause, the most generous and hardest working of all imaginary creatures was a slacker! I am aghast, stunned and left in a vacuous mental stupor at Santa’s pathetic whining! In the picture accompanying this article, anyone can see that Santa’s sleigh and his loyal reindeer can fly! He can fly over the sugarcane trucks! What kind of phoney-baloney-horsey-malarkey is this “new paint job, loose stalks and flying debris” excuse dribble? Maybe Santa would like those of us in Lafourche Parish to leave him cookies “sans sugar” and milk when he comes by during the wee hours of Christmas! I am so ashamed of Santa! This is awful! It just can’t be true! Did Santa Clause provide some identification when The Push Pole interviewed him?

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