Alligator Ticketed In Golden Meadow Speed Trap

alligator getting ticket in golden meadow 1

Golden Meadow, LA – Golden Meadow Police claim to have clocked a nine-foot alligator traveling 36 MPH in a 35 MPH zone along Highway 3235.

Witnesses say the gator was simply scampering across the road to avoid traffic; however, Officer Walt Cheramie issued the reptile tickets for multiple infractions, including speeding, no proof of insurance, and not having any tags.

Officer Cheramie explained:

Just because a gator is ignorant of the law doesn’t mean he is exempt from it. If the gator wants to fight his ticket, he needs to show up in court and plead his case; however, it’s going to be my word against his, and I think we all know how that’s going to go. This is Golden Meadow. Oh, and he better wear a shirt, or the judge will find him in contempt. We’re trying to enforce that rule this year.

The total cost of the tickets came out to $936.45, and the gator’s court date is scheduled for April 11th, 2016. Even though it is scientifically documented that an alligator’s top speed is around 25 MPH, many people are telling the gator it’s easier to just pay the fine and stay out of Golden Meadow forever.

6 thoughts on “Alligator Ticketed In Golden Meadow Speed Trap

  1. Dat gator needs a lawyer! Der ain’t no law about speedin’ when you cross dat highway. You ever see a speed limit sign for the peeple crossing da street or on dat highway for dat matter? Dat gator, I truly wish I knew his name, is being persecuted by dat bloodsucking Golden Meadow City Court. Da’ gator needs the dude who advertises on da’ TV, dat Morris Bart!


  2. I ben tinkin’ on dis story bout da’ gator gettin’ da’ tickit from da’ Golden Meadow PD and I tink dat dis gator (What is dis gator’s name anyway! Gators is peeple too! Dey got da’ feelins!) Sorry, anyway, I tink dat da’ gator (I wil call him Frederick.), I tink Fred may have a civil rites case cause I ain’t never herd of nutin’ but a gator gettin’ a tickit in Golden Meadow, no turtells, no frogs, no egrits. Fred is gettin’ distriminated on! By da’ cort! How come almost all my words has got red lines under dem?

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  3. On da behaf of Fred (Frederick lets his friens call him Fred), I called dat famus trail lawyer Gerry Spense. Gerry sed he will defen Fred with great vinegar! I doan know wut dat meens but it shounds good for Fred! Hole your horses Golden Meadow City Court, Gerry is comin’ to da bayou! Dees red lines must mean the mesage is emportant!


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