Lafourche Parish Moves Halloween To Yesterday


Due to an 11 mph northeasterly wind scheduled to tear across Lafourche Parish Friday night, officials have decided to move Halloween to yesterday.

This has marked the second time in as many days that the holiday has been changed. Today, parish officials met at the government complex in Mathews and declared that since yesterday was so beautiful, it should have been Halloween.

After the meeting was adjourned, Charlotte Randolph exclaimed, “What a beautiful Halloween we had yesterday!”

“Why Yes!” replied Craig Webre, “I ate so much imaginary candy!”

During the meeting, Parish officials also changed everyone’s birthday to August 8th, just to make it easier for everyone to remember. Thanksgiving was also moved to Wednesday, November 25th, freeing up Lafourche residents an extra day to beat Terrebonne residents to the Black Friday lines. Talk is that Terrebonne will react by changing their Thanksgiving to November 24th. The Push Pole will continue to monitor this tense situation.

One thought on “Lafourche Parish Moves Halloween To Yesterday

  1. Back during the Terrebonne Fireworks Ban, when inter-parish tensions were again high, I offered to build an invasion tunnel from Terrebonne Parish to Lafourche Parish. Now that my good friend Jaoquin “El Chapo” Guzman is available to help, we once again offer our considerable talents to construct a four lane, properly striped tunnel, with excellent lighting, from anywhere in Terrebonne to your choice of location in Lafourche Parish. We guarantee a dry tunnel that you will be able to enjoy for decades, maybe even centuries!


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