Top 10 Reasons To Hit The Rougarou Festival This Weekend

rougarou fest1

Normally, we here at The Push Pole stick to hard-hitting news and professional journalism. We don’t do puff pieces or human-interest garbage. We deal in the facts. With that said, the Rougarou Fest is too important not to cover. I present to you the top ten reasons to dress like a maniac, grab the kids, and hit downtown Houma this weekend.

10.) Double Up On Halloween: That’s right, if you go to the Rougarou Fest, you get to celebrate Halloween two weekends in a row! You can really get your money’s worth out of that sixty-dollar pizza-rat costume.

9.) The Food: This is South Louisiana, so you know it’s going to be delicious. It’s usually so good that they run out of stuff to eat, but I have it on high authority that they are ready for the huddled, hungry masses of fake-blood-covered lunatics to descend upon the booths in search of fine cuisine. Bone Appetite.

8.) The Music: There are some really great bands this year, and even if they don’t play anything you like, there will be beer. You can just drink until they sound good.

7.) The Boat Parade: Finally, floats that actually float. Plus, if  Hurricane Patricia makes its way across Mexico to destroy us, we will all be able to pile aboard and make a quick getaway. Seriously, there will be tons of tricked-out boats. You won’t want to miss this.


6.) The Haunted House: I hear it’s scarier than watching the Saints attempt to make a tackle, and it costs less money too. The price of admission is the equivalent of 2 ounces of beer sold in the Superdome.

5.) Tilt-a-Wirl: I don’t have to explain this.

4.) Costume Contest: We have some of the most creative, talented, and hilarious people living along the bayou. The costumes they put together are amazing and need to be seen to be believed. Summer Skarke (Louisiana Middle School Teacher of The Year 2015) will be emceeing the competition, so get ready to laugh.

3.) The Rougarou Run: Face it folks, the zombie apocalypse isn’t happening. This is as close as you’re going to get. It’s perfect though. You get to tear through the streets of downtown Houma dodging zombies, yet you don’t have to spend an eternity in a musty bunker with your filthy friends fighting over the last can of Vienna Sausage.

2.) Thriller: That’s right, you’ve seen the pictures. You’ve seen the dance. You know what I’m talking about. Dozens of zombies dancing through the streets to Michael Jackson’s Thriller. Where else in the world are you going to experience that?

rougarou fest

1.) The Cause: All of the proceeds go to the South Louisiana Wetlands Discovery Center, which helps educate people and aid coastal restoration. Let’s face it: We are in danger of being washed away forever, and if that happens, there would be no more dancing zombies, no more boat parade, no more Rougarou Fest. The festival was started to save the wetlands, but in the middle of all the fun, I realized that we need to save the wetlands to save the festival. Our way of life depends on the environment, and our endangered environment now depends on us. Our fates are tied together. Saving the coast is saving ourselves. Without the majestic marshes, bayous, and swamps that bind us together, there would be no community, and without a community working to preserve those things, there would be no Louisiana. Without our efforts, the marshes would slip back into the gulf, the salt would eat away at the swamps, and the bayous would be no more. Where we now stand would be a shallow, flat barren landscape all the way up to I-10, inhabited by poverty-stricken people without any a culture. We would be Mississippi, and that my friends is truly terrifying.

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