Vitter’s Diaper Filled With Hot Pile Of Endorsements From

New Orleans, LA –┬áThe Times-Picayune, Louisiana’s official school newspaper, decided to have an opinion on who should get to further bankrupt Louisiana for the next four years.

The newspaper decided that David Vitter would be their official choice for governor. Editors from the Picayune traveled to Vitter’s campaign headquarters, pulled back his diaper, and ladled hot, steamy endorsements into his stained Huggies while he shrieked in ecstasy. They also wrote some nice things about him too.

Below is a screen shot of an actual article published by The Times-Picayune, also known as to anyone born after 1995.

times for vitter2

5 thoughts on “Vitter’s Diaper Filled With Hot Pile Of Endorsements From

  1. I’m a 22 year old senior in a Lewisiana high school and I like David Vittor because I heard that he likes pizza and so do I, so I’m gonna vote for him to win that thing. Okay, thats it, by.


    • Betty, multiple reputable sources have confirmed that during Vitter’s notorious brothel scandal, he engaged in something called a diaper fetish, which is too disgusting to elaborate on. Let’s just say he liked to wear diapers like a little baby while prostitutes… I can’t even finish typing this without throwing up.


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