Local Man’s Refrigerator Now Made Entirely Of Michael Hingle Magnets.

el hingle 5

Thanks to a steady supply of phone books over the years, Dave Robichaux was able to slowly accumulate enough Michael Hingle magnets to cover his entire fridge.

Visitors who walk into Mr. Robichaux’s kitchen are instantly greeted by dozens of pictures of Mr. Hingle’s cold, intimidating gaze. Between the personal injury lawyer’s beefy fingers lies a mangled check, defiantly cleaved in half with one brisk, defiant stroke.

Mr. Hingle, also known as “El Hingle” in the Spanish-speaking community, is famous for destroying quick settlement checks sent by insurance companies to his injured clients. This stern display of delayed gratification in search of greater gains is what keeps Mr. Robichaux’s eating habits in check.

He explains, “I see Hingle’s face every time I walk to the fridge. I’m reminded not to indulge in a quick snack; I think of the long term benefits of being patient and disciplined.”

Kenmore is currently using Mr. Hingle’s likeness in designing a new refrigerator coming out in 2016 which will feature the lawyer’s judgmental scowl with the words, “Before you eat a quick snack, check with me.”

el hingle big fridge 1

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