Louisiana School-To-Prison Pipeline Breaks, Spilling Hopeless Kids Into Swamp


America’s crumbling infrastructure took another hit today when the pipeline connecting Louisiana’s schools to its prison industrial complex busted, sending poor, under-educated teens sprawling into empty swampland in Avoyelles Parish.

The clean up effort has already started, as teams of state lawmakers, local sheriffs, and concerned stockholders are searching the swamp in an attempt to recoup these valuable natural resources.

Louisiana, the prison capital of the world, depends on young inmates with long sentences to fetch millions of tax dollars for privately owned jails. Ironically, the pipeline was also built with cheap, shoddy prison labor, which lead to the environmental disaster. In the meantime, authorities are asking school districts and judges to do all they can to step up production in the state’s time of need.

2 thoughts on “Louisiana School-To-Prison Pipeline Breaks, Spilling Hopeless Kids Into Swamp

  1. The living children in this photograph appear to be very happy. It’s nice to see their smiling face. However, their lack of shadows concern me.


  2. Me, I keep troying to tink how dey get them peoples in dat pipe. I cain’t get dat figgered out. Teech me dat, L. Ron, pleese?


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