Scientists Shocked To Discover Dulac Sheepshead With All Of Its Teeth.

sheepshead good teeth

Researchers from Lumcon (Louisiana Universities Marine Consortium) were surprised to learn that most marine life residing in the Dulac area actually have average dental health.

After catching, tagging, and releasing an almost perfect specimen, marine biologist Ted Bergeron joked, “The best set of teeth in Dulac might just belong to a 1.6 pound Sheepshead living under the Falgout Canal Bridge.”

Sadly, stereotypes persist about residents in this area, and unfortunately, these prejudices have extended to the wildlife as well. Scientists were quick to point out that there are no studies that prove Dulac residents or marine life neglect their teeth.

Despite the lack of scientific evidence, many Terrebonne citizens swear anything from Dulac is usually just a little bit tougher. Houma man Jeff Badeaux recalls a time he went fishing in lower Dulac:

I caught a bull red at the end of Shrimpers Row one night, accidentally threw him in the wrong ice chest. I didn’t realize my mistake until I opened the Yeti to grab a beer and I swear that bull had already drunk three Abita Ambers and was working on a bottle of Bacardi.

5 thoughts on “Scientists Shocked To Discover Dulac Sheepshead With All Of Its Teeth.

  1. Man, all I can say is dat Sheephed teet look a lot like my wife Clotille’s teet. Make me wonder what the hell is goin’ on at dat LUMCON. On da TV dey say the alien peeple mix wit da apes and made da peeple. Who dat been mixin’ wit da Sheephed?


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