Chauvin Man Holds Boucherie With Pig Inside Ford F-150

boucherie hog truck

Chauvin, LA – A local man slaughtered a pig, stuffed it in his truck, rolled up the windows, and parked it in the sun.

Neighbors came from as far away as Montegut to witness the pig roasting inside the 4X4 extended cab. Surprisingly, after only 45 minutes under the scorching Louisiana sun, the meat was cooked to perfection.

Residents of the community were shocked by the ingenuity and creativity of the process.

Megan Boudreaux remarked, “I have an old broken down Dodge in my front yard. I’m gonna throw some mesquite chips and a hog in there next weekend.”

Elton Johnson was already making holiday plans: “If we get another Thanksgiving hot enough for shorts, the turkey is gonna see the Oldsmobile instead of the oven.”

Chad Theriot, a proud Chevy owner, joked, “That’s the first time a Ford ever smoked anything!”

4 thoughts on “Chauvin Man Holds Boucherie With Pig Inside Ford F-150

  1. Am I the only moron who is stupid enough to post a comment? Come on people, this is funny material. Join in and try to make it more funny! You don’t have to have multiple frontal lobotomies to appreciate this humor, honest! I wouldn’t lie to you! If you insist on having a lobotomy, just grab a drill but use a thin bit, one that will do minimal cranial damage; but just to be on the safe side, look up the procedure on the internet for optimal enjoyment following surgery! Have a nice day! 🙂


    • Yes its funny. But what had me laughing more was first, neighbors traveled far. If you are neighbors you don’t have to go far 🙂 Then the kicker was they traveled as far away as Montegut, lmao. Its only minutes apart. I could not stop laughing 🙂

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