After Reading Houma Courier Facebook Comments, NASA Decides Not To Deflect Oncoming Asteroid.


Pictured Above: Asteroid RKB-265, scheduled to hit earth in three days.

HOUSTON, Tx. – Top NASA officials unanimously agreed not to mobilize rockets and crew to deflect an asteroid headed directly towards Earth. This decision came shortly after they began reading the Facebook comments of a Houma Courier news story. The comments in question can be clicked on to enlarge.

houma courier comments

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The disgusting depravity of human beings hoarding themselves into camps and willfully engaging in disingenuous arguments aimed solely at wanton attention and elevating themselves above their fellow man was enough to convince NASA that humanity deserves the fiery, gruesome extinction headed its way.

NASA Deputy Administrator Charles Bolden issued this statement:

I personally welcome a hellish, molten landscape devoid of all comment sections. After reading Houma Today’s Facebook page, I realize that we were inevitably going to destroy ourselves anyway. Nature is just speeding up the process, and we will not stand in her way.

3 thoughts on “After Reading Houma Courier Facebook Comments, NASA Decides Not To Deflect Oncoming Asteroid.

  1. When I initially read this article, I was all fired up to write something scathing to ridicule all of the insensitive people who wrote the posts that NASA is so upset about. Then after reading the posts, I realized that all these posters are my brothers and sisters from SMFL (Survivors of Multiple Frontal Lobotomies). So I have to say, I agree with all their posts and not the morons at NASA. Have a nice day! 🙂

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  2. The configuration of the constellations in the embedded image of this article are incorrect. Please correct so readers get accurate content. Thx. 👍🏻


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