‘To Catch A Predator’ Camera Crew Accidentally Films Jindal Campaign Announcement

JindalIowa copy

H. Camille Timbuktu


KENNER, La.–Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal took to Twitter and even made a special trip to Kenner this week in a rush to announce his campaign for president after a reality-show camera crew inadvertently captured and leaked footage of Jindal privately sharing the new news with his family.

A crew for the show “To Catch a Predator” had placed a camera high in a tree in the Jindals’ back yard in an attempt to record the activities of next-door neighbor Chester McFeely, but instead accidentally filmed Gov. Jindal sharing a big secret with his children—his impending presidential campaign.

“You can’t go tell your friends,” Jindal is heard telling his three children, turning to one son and then another. “You can’t go tell everybody at baseball. You’re not gonna tell everybody at soccer.”

When reached for comment, everybody at baseball practice said they already knew of Jindal’s presidential plans.

Baton Rouge Little League Soccer Coach Jill Bourgeois, head of the city’s league, agreed that the warning was superfluous.

“The entire soccer team already knew,” Bourgeois said. “And the rest of the league too. Even the substitute ref.”

In additional footage, Jindal tells his daughter that she does have his permission to tell everyone at ballet—except for Megan, because Megan will tell everyone at soccer.

The failed predator sting and leaked footage have led to some glum reactions from the camera crew and Jindal’s children.

The three siblings were reportedly upset at the hidden-camera footage, as they had been rehearsing their “surprised looks” for months in preparation for Jindal’s announcement.

But with no knowledge of the hidden camera, they could only offer a collective shrug and a half-hearted thumbs-up.

“You guys already figured it out?” Jindal is heard asking his children, who sources say did not need the genes of a Rhodes Scholar to suspect their father might make a run for the White House.

“Things are gonna change. We’re gonna be very busy, obviously,” Jindal is heard saying, adding that plans call for a lot of traveling, including a possible trip to Iowa. “We might even visit Louisiana. How do you kids like that?”

One of Jindal’s sons mentions that as much as he misses the jambalaya in his home state, he looks forward to the popcorn in Iowa—but not the candy bars.

Members of the “To Catch a Predator” camera crew say they were disappointed at capturing Jindal’s private family moment instead of nabbing McFeely, but added they were glad to learn that there is good popcorn in Iowa.

“I have to go there next week for another project and I was worried that, even with all those cornfields, the popcorn might suck—and I’m going to be spending a lot of time there during the next couple of years,” said head cameraman Brad Smith. “Look’s like the secret’s out about the good popcorn now, too.”

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