Houma Man Still Trying To Make Left Turn Onto Martin Luther King Blvd.

For the last four hours, Jeff Naquin has been attempting to turn left onto one of the busiest roads in Terrebonne parish. The disillusioned motorist remains foolishly confident that traffic will ease up at any moment. Witnesses say the man stubbornly refuses to make a right turn and then double back around, despite receiving advice from multiple strangers to do so.

Mr. Naquin, pictured above, angered by a column of vehicles occupying the middle lane of MLK.

Mr. Naquin, pictured above, angered by a column of vehicles occupying the middle lane of MLK.

After a few hours, word quickly spread on Facebook about Mr. Naquin’s foolish attempt to perform this difficult maneuver. Dozens of rowdy locals made thier way to the Acadamy parking lot to cheer on the stubborn motorist. “Get ready bro! I think I see a clearing!” laughed one man. “After the red truck, punch it!” screamed another.

Despite the cheers and advice of strangers, Jeff has been unable to make any progress. While waiting, he told The Push Pole:

I came to Buffalo Wild Wings on my half hour lunch break. Huge mistake. I’ve probably lost my job by now. If I don’t get out of here before the dinner crowd starts moving in, I’m trapped. I refuse to take a right turn. It seems like a waste of time. Why go right to go left? I’m a man of principle, and by sitting down in this car, I am standing up for what I believe in.

12 thoughts on “Houma Man Still Trying To Make Left Turn Onto Martin Luther King Blvd.

  1. “Day 44: … Still no sign of relief. May AC has gone out completely, I have been forced to roll down the windows. Left to survive on the crumbs in back seat from that one time I took my sisters kids to the Firemen’s Fair. I’d say as long I am able to ration myself, I may have another week of food. The biodiesel I was able to create (from the Sunrise fried chicken I found under the seat) has been vital source of fuel, but I fear even that is beginning to run low. Water is plentiful sense it never stops freaking raining. My only concern now is my mind. I can feel it slipping away into madness as each car passes. One by one… they pass… like I am invisible… as if my plight means nothing to them… maybe I am invisible… maybe… maybe I am dead…… and this is hell…. my hell.”

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  2. Stupid ass you didn’t want to waste time turning right to turn left dumbass if you would have turned right then double back left it may have taken you all a bit of maybe give minutes versus four or more hours if you lose your job its your fault some people’s children ROFLMAO


  3. Lafayette is a right turn only city. If you are dare devil enough to attempt a left turn out of most anywhere, your best bet is to take a deep breath, close your eyes and just punch it. Sounds like Houma is suffering from the same thing – stretches of road with not enough red lights. Good luck.


  4. I know that intersection, as I have been trapped there myself. However, as I recall, there should be a few gaps between 3:00 and 4:00 AM when Jeff can slip out, but he will have to pay his best attention! I will try to drop Jeff a message via drone!


  5. It would have to be a Naquin, the most stubborn people I know. How do I know this????? I’m married to Chris Naquin, need I say more?? LOL
    Would not go right to go left either!


  6. He went to BWW for a half hour lunch break?! I don’t recall ever getting out of there within an hour when I go to lunch at their Houma location….


  7. MLK has never given me trouble…I will admit the traffic is bad on MLK but it’s never given me trouble because I grew up with worse. Try turning left on Ambassador Caffrey in Lafayette. You’ll be waiting atleast a couple days lol


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