Bayou Residents Shocked To Learn T-Boy Not An Actual Cajun.


T-Boy, the face of local seafood restaurant Off The Hook, revealed himself to be a warrior Buddhist monk from the temple of Shaolin.

He grew up in China’s Henan province and became facinated with Cajun culture and customs. Even though he had never set foot in the bayou, he felt a spiritual oneness with the rich, diverse peoples of South Louisiana.

tboy facts

After paddling across the Pacific in a hand-carved pirogue, he landed his dream job: he got to dress up like a real cajun and advertise for a delicious, affordable seafood restaurant. He used his zen like focus to stand in traffic for hours at a time, waiving and cheering as motorists honked and applauded.

T-Boy, pictured above, practicing Kung-Fu in his Chinese homeland

T-Boy, pictured above, unmasked, practicing Kung-Fu in his Chinese homeland

T-Boy became an instant hit around town, but now that his complicated identity has been revealed, he fears that some people will use his unique, exclusive journey to simply reinforce their own beliefs about culture, politics, equality, and society.  Below are comments made regarding the controversy:

quote redneck man

“That’s exactly what’s wrong with America today! All these Shaolin monks paddling over here and taking all our mascot jobs!”

quote complaining woman

“T-Boy ruined my life! Every day I would wave to him on the corner of St. Mary and Tiger Drive, and I thought I was waving at a real Cajun. I feel betrayed and am suing him for emotional damage.”

stylish hipster man portrait

“I’m just saying, this entire T-Boy fiasco really highlights why congress shouldn’t approve this Trans-Pacific trade deal”

quote tough guy

“They call this clown brave just because he took a pirogue across the Pacific. That’s rediculous. There is only one metric for bravery whatsoever, and it revolves around how many limbs you’ve lost.”

“It’s not fair that T-Boy is allowed to be a Cajun just because he wears shrimp boots, but I’m still not allowed within 100 feet of a school zone when I wear my Hello Kitty backpack!”

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