Bobby Jindal Solves Louisiana’s 1.6 Billion Dollar Budget Shortfall With Urine-Filled Dunk Tank

Bobby Jindal’s years of terrible decisions have culminated in a $1.6 budget shortfall, but he erased that deficit in one weekend after agreeing to be repeatedly dunked in a vat of stale urine.

piss booth4

Millions of Louisiana residents lined up to exact revenge upon the governor whose policies have wrecked countless lives. Each person paid twenty dollars for the chance to drop the governor into five hundred gallons of aged urine.

Arial Photo: Millions of Residents Waiting To See Jindal Flailing Around In Human Excrement

Arial Photo: Millions of residents waiting to see Jindal flailing around in human excrement

The urine was supplied by thousands of educators, healthcare workers, state employees, and small business owners who were more than willing to submit gallons of pee for the cause. Many had reportedly eaten copious amounts of asparagus before submitting their donations.

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