Customers Of New Orleans Dave & Busters Can Now Attempt To Park On Roof Using Giant Claw

dave and busters parking 3

Dave & Busters, the combination arcade, bar, and restaurant, is set to open in downtown New Orleans later this year. What makes this D&B so special is that customers will not have to circle congested streets hunting for parking spaces.

Instead, patrons can try their luck using a giant crane claw to grab their vehicles and safely position them on the roof. This new feature exemplifies the essence of Dave and Busters, combining classically themed arcade games with adults who blindly overestimate their motor skills.

Trent Brewski, D&B CEO, remarked:

Millions of fun-loving guys and gals flock to our establishments every year to drink beer and pull stuffed animals and costume jewelry out of a pit with a mechanical claw, but now, the stakes are much higher! We’re asking people to risk their vehicles and safety for a crack at free parking, and I’m pretty sure they’ll take it. Just ask anyone who has ever tried to park down here! It’s actually easier to grab your car with an eight ton claw and maneuver it 40 foot into the air and place it on the roof of an arcade with a blood alcohol level of .3 than it is to find a spot in this city.

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