On Opening Day Of Hurricane Season, Dozens of Armed Cajuns Head Out Into Gulf

hurricane season2

Gulf of Mexico, opening day of hurricane season, 2015

Upon learning that June 1st was the first day of hurricane season, dozens of Cajuns ventured into open water in hopes of bagging a category 5.

The first few days of hurricane season are always the busiest for residents of South Louisiana. While the rest of the gulf coast stocks up on batteries and bottled water, Cajuns take a pro-active approach by purchasing bullets and tiny styrofoam hurricane decoys.

Because of the rate of coastal erosion in Louisiana, bayou residents do not even have a place to evacuate to. The nearest shelters are above I-10, and nobody is willing to endure 18 hours of traffic just to catch scabies from a Denham Springs Ramada.

This forces many people to take matters into their own hands by trying to take out hurricanes before they reach landfall. 

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