Chackbay Mosquito Truck Operator Attacked In Line Of Duty

Jimmy “Stump” Becnel was a mosquito truck operator, and he was a damn good one, but he committed a grave error by driving through Chackbay, Louisiana at dusk. Sadly, he paid for this mistake with his life. 

The mosquitoes in Chackbay are unlike any other on the planet. With wingspans of up to 22 feet and a sucker that can drain a fish-frying, beer-chugging coon-ass in less than 8 seconds, they are one of the most feared animals in North America.

“Stump wanted to be a hero. That’s just who he was,” said his brother Bobby Becnel. “He heard the stories. He knew the risks, but he wanted to make a difference in this world. He was brave…stupid too…but brave.”

mosquito truck killing

This photo was taken just before Stump was. He will be remembered for his service to the community.

At approximately 7:05 PM, Stump’s truck was swarmed on Highway 20 just south of Vacherie. A mosquito smashed his window, poked her head inside the cab, and drained his blood before he could yell “Who Dat?” He will be remembered for his sacrifice and for trying to rid the bay area of these terrible monsters that have preyed on human suffering for centuries.

11 thoughts on “Chackbay Mosquito Truck Operator Attacked In Line Of Duty

  1. Hilarious! And we thought we had big skeeters up here in Southern Illinois. Who dat…who dere? Thanks for the laugh.


  2. Okay, is it just me or are the people who post comments here in total denial of the reality of south Louisiana and the presence of the Chackbay Skeeter? Everybody but “Brother” is in complete denial. I’m not too sure about “Brother,” seeing as how he seems to have survived his run in with the giant insect. I’ve never heard of anyone encountering the Chackbay Skeeter and living to tell about it. This ain’t no joke!


  3. You murder us every day. You greedy humans slap and squish us, spreading all your blood that we have so meticulously sucked from your succulent bodies. So what if every now and then we take one of your species; so what! You bring a hand; we bring a proboscis. You smash us and every now an then we have our way with one of your mass murderers, like Jimmy “Stump” Becnel. Millions of my Skeeter buddies feasted on Stump. Now he is nothing but a dried husk. Hahahahahaha!

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