Leaked Emails Reveal Hooters CEO Orchestrated Bloody Motorcycle Battle At Rival Restaurant.

Authorities discovered that Hooters CEO Terrance Marks caused a vicious biker bloodbath at a rival restaurant. His motive was to shut down Twin Peaks so that Hooters could remain the king of the sexualized eating establishments.

Mr. Marks used fake email accounts to manipulate two angry biker gangs (The Cossacks and The Banditos) into a meeting at a Twin Peaks in Waco, Texas. Below are copies of said emails obtained by investigative journalists here at The Push Pole.

cossacks to banditos

banditos to cossacks

Mr. Marks, desperate to keep Hooters on top, resorted to underhanded tactics. What transpired was one of the bloodiest gangfights in restaurant history (even by Waffle House standards). Luckily, Twin Peaks waitresses are used to mopping up bodily fluids, so the restaurant was cleaned up and ready for business the next day.

For years, Hooters had a firm grip on the nation’s brestaurant demographic, but in the last decade, Twin Peaks began to receive mounds of attention. You can see in the graphic illustrated below how Twin Peaks began to rapidly expand its influence into Hooters’ territory.

breastaurant market share

Randy DeWitt, Twin Peaks CEO, issued this statement:

I don’t know why Hooters felt the need to tarnish our reputation. America┬áis big enough for the both of us. Each of our establishments cater to different segments of the population. Hooters is the tramp stamp of breastaurants, and Twin Peaks is the neck tat of breastaurants. We each attract very different subcultures of men who enjoy titty-themed dining experiences. Next time somebody sets up a biker gang massacre, I just hope it’s at a Poppa John’s. That’s got to be the worst pizza on the planet.

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