Michelle Duggar Furious To Learn About Bayou Lafourche Duck With Litter Of 20

Michelle Duggar, star of TLC’s “19 Kids And Counting,” became enraged with jealousy when she learned that a Bayou Lafourche duck had one-upped her by having a litter of 20.

Producers at TLC (who have grown frustrated with Mrs. Dugger’s apparent inability to reproduce anymore) canceled Michelle’s show and signed the Bayou Lafourche resident to reality TV show titled, “A Duck’s Dynasty.”

duggar with ducks

Mrs. Duggar, in a clear act of desperation, has started to study the mama duck for fertility tips. A spokesperson for the family has said that Michelle is currently spending up to 18 hours a day in the water and subsisting on a diet entirely of bread crumbs thrown into her mouth by overjoyed children.

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