Houma Sells Bayou Gardens Reservoir To Drought-Stricken California.

bayou gardens flooded ski

In an attempt to generate revenue for Terrebonne Parish, the city of Houma has sold the Bayou Gardens Reservoir to the state of California, which is experiencing a water shortage.

The Reservoir, which is inconveniently located on a major roadway, contains an estimated 9.4 billion gallons of water, which is enough to sustain the city of Los Angeles for a month.

California plans to build a pipeline from Houma to Hollywood to transport the water. The project is slated to break ground next month. Parish President Michel Claudet remarked, “This is a win/win for everyone involved. It provides California with much needed water, and it allows the Bayou Gardens Reservoir to be converted into a boulevard people could actually drive on.”

Not all Houma residents were thrilled about the sale. Steve Foret responded, “I’m going to miss the the Bayou Gardens Reservoir. The fishing, the swimming, the skiing, it was all top notch. I grew up in that reservoir. I feel like part of my childhood is being pumped to California.”

2 thoughts on “Houma Sells Bayou Gardens Reservoir To Drought-Stricken California.

  1. What in tarn at ion is Houma thinking with? Can’t be thinking with the brain because if they were they would not be selling the Bayou Gardens Reservoir water to anyone!!! Keep the land just like it is. I was born and raised in south Louisiana and we need to keep all the wet lands we have.!!!! Once gone you can’t get it back…What are you thinking…


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