Study Reveals Louisiana Has The Most Affordable Congressmen In The United States.

A Forbs researcher recently ate his way into a Cheetos induced coma, but before he did, he reported that Louisiana had the 6th highest marijuana prices in America. What this report leaves out is that while marijuana prices might be high (no pun intended), everything else in Louisiana is relatively cheap, especially our politicians.

Representative Ralph Abraham is currently the cheapest politician rated on Yelp

Representative Ralph Abraham is currently rated as the cheapest politician on Yelp

A recent study by The Push Pole revealed that the average Louisiana resident can purchase a United States congressman for about the price of a mint condition go-kart. “It’s a great time to be a Louisiana resident,” said Governor Bobby Jindal, “We have cheap gas, an abundance of seafood, and a dollar in the pocket of a Louisiana lawmaker can stretch over Lake Pontchartrain without getting wet. When it comes to politicians, you get more bang for your buck here than anywhere else!”

ced rich pitching for nk

Most people didn’t realize that ex-baseball star and 2nd District Representative Cedric Richmond pitched for North Korea in the 2008 Olympics. All he received from Kim Jong Un was 500 bucks and the chance to meet Dennis Rodman.

graves on dredge

Representative Garret Graves can be seen here on his trusty dredge, ripping up marshland for Chevron for the low price of only $30.00 an hour.

And here we can see Congressman Steve Scalise, walking the Huey P. Long bridge distributing pamphlets for an organization he has no affiliation with. They just gave him a uniform and paid him three thousand dollars (in Confederate money) to pass out literature he certainly did not endorse.

If there is any doubt to the validity of this study conducted by The Push Pole, just check out what Representative John Fleming had to say.

john fleming

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