Thibodaux’s Hippy Hotel Causes Stir With 4/20 Celebration.

hipster hotel final

Thibodaux, LA – The fire department was called when towers of billowing smoke flooded out of this iconic, downtown apartment complex. Inhabitants of this residence are thought to be nothing more than harmless layabouts who happen to keep the Zapps potato chip company firmly profitable; however, all that changed when Thibodaux’s tiny yet fierce volunteer fire department was put to the test.

Carl Naquin, a 15 year veteran, was first on the scene. Before he rushed into the building, he clutched his CB radio and somberly remarked, “If I die saving these dirty hippies, make sure they at least name a bong after me.” Before the dispatcher could remind him that it was 4/20, Carl was already inside the smoke-filled residence.

Ten minutes later, Carl emerged from the building in a fit of uncontrollable laughter with a half dozen hippies escorting him to safety. “It’s like we are the firemen because we saved you, maaan.” mused one of the young men. “Maybe they will name a fire truck after us,” wondered another.

Three double cheeseburgers and two malts later, Carl was able to give an interview to The Push Pole. He clumsily chuckled:

I had no idea it was 4/20. I just saw all that smoke and… Does anyone else hear that? I think it’s a harmonica…hey, what time does Frostop close?…. Is it legal to live in a bouncy house?…. How come Chackbay doesn’t even have a bay?… I’m going to start wearing a fedora. Sir Mix-a-lot wore a fedora… People forget that…

fireman carl

“Since garfish are capable of breathing air, could you get one high?”

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