Schriever Devastated After Being Left Off Smithsonian’s “20 Best Small Towns To Visit” List.

The community of Schriever received a devastating blow yesterday when it was left off Smithsonian’s list of small towns to visit. The sleepy little town nestled between the metropolitan powerhouses of Thibodaux and Houma was inconsolable after being overlooked yet again.

sad schriever

The townspeople of Schriever got together and displayed their collective sadness on the water tower after being snubbed.

Schriever’s mayor, Terrence Guidroz, issued this statement:

We have been deemed unworthy of visitation by the nation’s highest authority on small towns, and that hurts. It really does. I’m not sure what else we can do. When it comes to architecture, we’ve got Thibodaux beat. They don’t have a 40 foot overpass! Hell, it took them almost two years to add another lane to the Tiger Drive bridge. And if you want culture, check out the authentic hobo nests built from branches and garbage that line our rail yard. Also, our post office wait times are less than a typical Houma traffic light. And as far as I know, the truck stop here is the last in the country to host arm-wrestling tournaments. Oh, our airport made the cover of Crop Duster Monthly in July of 1993. People forget that.

Thibodaux apparently did make the Smithsonian list. The Push Pole was unable to verify this information because the article was presented in slideshow format, and a slideshow is the most detestable way to milk clicks and ad revenue from curious readers.  

7 thoughts on “Schriever Devastated After Being Left Off Smithsonian’s “20 Best Small Towns To Visit” List.

  1. WE reside in Schriever and have been here for many years. It is a quiet little town and people are friendly. We do not have much crime here. You can walk out your house and see all kinds of birds, squirrls and other things. Come and visit us and you will enjoy everything you see.


  2. Amy’s Country Candles is in Schriever and we ship all over the universe. We are saught after world wide so I dont get where we not on the map. John Bourgeois also is shipping his products and quite a few other great businesses like Tony’s Home Improvement with his TV show. I would think Schriever has it going on. LOL


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