Thibodaux Civic Center Unveils Spring Lineup

FRIDAY MAY 1st 2015

BANJO BOB AND THE KAZOO KID: Banjo Bob is a classically trained banjoist who spent five years with the Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra. The Kazoo Kid is a self-taught prodigy; he grew up on the mean streets of Mandeville, where the kazoo was his only escape. Together, they teamed up and formed one of the top 100 Banjo/Kazoo bands in St. Tammany Parish.

banjo bob and the kazoo kid poster


CAJUN ROLLER GIRLS VS KITTEN ROLLER CATS: Last time these two teams met, the Cajun Roller Girls defeated the Kittens by the score of 976-0. The Kittens will be looking for revenge this meeting and have asked that laser pointers be banned from the arena.


FRIDAY MAY 8th 2015

FIREARM SAFETY WITH TACTICAL TERRY AND THE GROUND STANDERS: If you’ve ever felt uneasy around guns, then this is exactly what you need. Learn about responsible gun ownership from the professionals. They will teach you how to second-amend a trespasser, build a decoy gun safe, and print your own currency. Graduates of this course will be issued a certificate of sovereign citizenship.

tactical terry and the ground standers


CRAWFISH EATING COMPETITION: That’s right, for the price of only 5 dollars (or 45 Tactical Terry dollars) you can watch crawfish engage in competitive eating. Contestants will be given four hours to see how many hotdogs they can devour. Last year’s champion, Clawbioshi, won by eating half an entire hotdog. He will not be participating this year. He was eaten by a choupic in February. Twenty-five percent of all proceeds will go to his family. 


SUNDAY MAY 10th 2015

THE HOUMA CIVIC CENTER: If you’re a fan of civic centers (who isn’t?!) then this is the event for you! That’s right, the Houma Civic Center will be stopping by to answer questions and sign autographs. You’re going to need a cold shower after this one folks. Never before has this much civic been stuffed into this much center. You’re not going to want to miss it when these two local landmarks put the “pal” in “municipal.”


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