Brooklyn Man Locks Children In Land Rover For Eight Hours While Attending Adult Preschool

A jury in Brooklyn, New York has found local resident Rebel Du Pont not guilty of all charges. Du Pont was accused of several crimes related to his decision to leave his two children, Bukowski and Ckaydenn, in his 2015 Land Rover for over eight hours, while he attended a day of class at an adult preschool.


Du Pont’s lawyer argued that the adult preschool was a crucial part of an ongoing quest for authenticity that would make him a better father. He pointed to Du Pont’s history of interest in the welfare of his children, from sparing them from vaccinations, to their meat, dairy and vegetable free diet. It was also argued that a conviction could compromise his abilities as a provider. Though Mr. Du Pont lists his profession as “feminist and anti-racist circus performer,” the primary concern was that criminal convictions could be grounds for reducing payments from his trust fund.

Judge Clyde Barney, who made national headlines for sentencing seven-year-old Jamal Thompson as an adult in a 2013 assault case, opined that “I came very close to dismissing this case at the outset. The trial has only confirmed my view that the prosecution has overreached in targeting an upstanding member of the community. Next time, bring me a real criminal.”

Du Pont said after the trial, “Nobody can really know what this kind of injustice and oppression is like until they experience it. But I know overcoming this latest hardship will only make a me a better activist, artist, father and home-brewer.”

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