Rebellious crawfish-boil enthusiast survives after eating “the straight ones”

brave kid eating straight tail crawfish

SCHRIEVER, La.—A young and foolhardy crawfish-boil fan narrowly avoided a trip to the undertaker after ignoring his nanny’s warnings not to eat “the straight ones.”

The nine-year-old Schriever native had finished his pile of crawfish Saturday afternoon when the trouble began, according to neighbors who asked to remain anonymous due to the sensitive nature of the subject.

The child was still hungry and had grown bored of scaring his baby brother by stuffing the leftover crawfish heads onto his fingers and wiggling them around like puppets while cackling maniacally.

Tired of seeing his brother cry, the rebellious crawfish-loving Schriever boy turned his attention to a small pile of straight crawfish tails full of juicy forbidden meat and began eating.

I turned around and saw him going for ‘the straight ones,'” said the boy’s nanny, who had repeatedly advised him to avoid the straight tails. “I tried to slap his hand down, but it was too late—he’d already peeled two of them and eaten them whole. So I just ran inside and called 911.”

Emergency responders enjoying their own crawfish boil at the fire station nearby arrived to the residence within 15 minutes and found the boy “in big trouble,” but alert, responsive, and uninjured..

The remaining “straight ones” were thrown out before anyone else could defy their nanny’s advice, responders said.

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