Breaking Trade Analysis: Saints Deal High Flying Power Forward Jimmy Graham

NFL: NOV 28: Giants at Saints

Goal Posts In The Superdome Are Thrilled By This News.

This Afternoon, the Saints traded their best dunker for one of those husky players who shoots the ball out his butt every play. This comes to the displeasure of many Saints fans, especially after they released the 15 yard screen pass from their offense last week. 

Breaking Down The Trade:

trade anaylsis

Fans in the South are making fun of Jimmy Graham for always being hurt while admiring Max Unger’s beard. Fans in the North are saying they never liked his beard in the first place and can’t wait for ginger Shawn Kemp to demonstrate he can catch touchdown passes from the 1 yard line (a slight concern of Seattle’s). As these two fan bases emotionally cope with these tumultuous changes to their identities, we expect them to experience the five stages of sports trauma: anger, bargaining, acceptance, message boards, and back to anger again.

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