Bones of Thirty Personal Assistants Discovered Under Rita Benson Leblanc’s Gazebo.


Rita Benson Leblanc, embattled in a legal fight against her Grandfather Tom Benson for control of his sports teams, has been scrutinized for her reputation as being entitled, hot-tempered, and difficult to deal with. Multiple reports have leaked to the media about Benson Leblanc going through thirty personal assistants in six years. When reporters attempted to contact these former employees to further investigate Benson Leblanc’s character, they couldn’t locate a single person. Reporters became suspicious and relayed this information to the authorities. An investigation was launched to locate the whereabouts of these former employees. Today, detectives unearthed a mass grave containing the bones of thirty people buried under Benson Leblanc’s gazebo. They are presumed to be the remains of the missing personal assistants.

mass graves

A mass grave of personal assistants foolish enough to cross Ms. Benson Leblang

2 thoughts on “Bones of Thirty Personal Assistants Discovered Under Rita Benson Leblanc’s Gazebo.

    • We are pleased you have evaded the wrath of Ms. Benson-Leblanc. We admire your courage, dedication, and will to survive. We don’t know how you made it out alive, but we salute you. We also apologize and acknowledge our mistake. We should have printed “Executive Assistants.”


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